Saturday, March 17, 2012

Santana - Caravanserai


This 1972 album by Santana is my favorite album by them. The songs are jazz fusion and Latin rock. "Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation Santana", "Waves Within Santana", "Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)", "Just in Time to See the Sun", "Song of the Wind Santana", "All the Love of the Universe", "Future Primitive", "Stone Flower", "La Fuente del Ritmo", and "Every Step of the Way". A must hear album for Santana fans. I also like their Abraxas album.

Santana - Abraxas


Abraxas is from 1970 and is Santana's second album. The songs are Latin rock, blues rock, and jazz fusion. My favorites are "Singing Winds, Crying Beasts", "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen", "Incident at Neshabur", "Hope You're Feeling Better", and "El Nicoya". The 1998 edition also has live versions of "Se a Cabo", "Toussaint L'Overture", and "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen". I also like their Caravanserai album.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The B-52's

The B-52's

This is The B-52's first album and my favorite by them. It has their popular new wave song "Rock Lobster". Other songs here are "Planet Claire", "52 Girls", "Dance This Mess Around", "Lava", "There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)", "Hero Worship", "6060-842", and "Downtown".